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What is a Katchakid® Swimming Pool Net?

The Katchakid swimming pool safety net is specifically designed to be a barrier to help protect children from exposed, open water.
The Katchakid net is stretched over the pool and anchored every 30" with flush mounted fasteners and pulled tight with a specialized net tension system.

We offer Katchakid DIY kits directly to homeowners through this website or through our Watchdog Pool Safety Site. DIY kits are sold only for regular shaped pools of standard size. For free form pools, larger pools and pools with walls, rockeries and waterfalls a professional installation is required by a trained Katchakid Technician.
Fitting a Katchakid can be time consuming and relatively detailed as these pool safety nets are custom installed to your pool by you during the installation process. The DIY Katchakid requires basic knowledge of using a power drill and other standard tools. Fitting a DIY Katchakid is a physical job and calls for some strength, it is advisable to have more than one person installing the net.


Picture your pool in a square or rectangular box, then cover than box with our net. As you install the net you will be contouring the net edge specifically to your pools shape, always keeping all the net lines and boxes as straight as possible.
Once installed the net is pulled tight with a horizontal central tension system, this requires any decking or coping where anchors are to be placed must be sturdy, solid and in good repair.

How to Use a Pool Net

The Central Tension System - CTS

 Katchakid has a built in Central Tension System (CTS) that can be adjusted from tight to very tight and is designed in such a way that it cannot be removed by most children under the age of 12 years. The CTS is a multifaceted system that uses a series of pulley's set in a circular fashion, which open and close to control the tension of the net. The correct configuration and size of the CTS together among a necessary amount of pulleys determine a pool net's efficiency. The Katchakid uses an average of 12 to 16 pulleys per net.

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Anchor Fittings

The Katchakid is attached to the pool surround by small stainless steel fasteners to toe friendly anchors, spaced 10 inches away from the waters edge at +/- 30 inch intervals.

There are 3 anchor fitting options available;

Adjustable Surface Mounted EZ-Plates available in Cream, Gray or Terracotta (red/orange).
Counter sunk durable nylon anchors available in Cream, Gray or Terracotta (red/orange).
Special order counter sunk high quality brass anchors for an exclusive look.

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Netting Material

The Katchakid pool nets are manufactured in durable 4mm High Density Polyethylene Braid. The ASTM bureau requires all safety nets and covers to support the weight of 485lbs and the Katchakid effortlessly complies with this standard, the material is strong enough to support the weight of any adult. The pool-netting material is chemically treated with laboratory developed maximum UV stabilized inhibitors so the Katchakid will not shrink or fade when subjected to harsh climatic conditions. The Katchakid comes in two color options - Ocean Blue or Coal Jet Black. Technical research, constant modification and development have set the Katchakid mesh specifications. The mesh size is designed to prevent a toddlers head going through the Katchakid but large enough to limit a child's movement on the net.


Katchakid Inc. warranties this product for three years from date of purchase and installation. Product is warranted against defects in material and craftsmanship, and includes parts and labor. Warranty does not include damage caused from acts of God, external heat sources (bar-b-q pits, pool heaters, ovens etc…), modification by owner or anyone other than a certified technician of Katchakid, Inc. Any modification to product by anyone other than a certified technician of Katchakid Inc. voids the warranty.

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