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  • Manufactures part numbers MPN are a great start when searching.
  • Include or omit dashes and/or spaces.
  • Most spa makers buy basic parts including electrical, jets, plastic goods & more from the same suppliers. We sell all the generic parts we can get!

Our parts are cataloged by Manufactures Part Number (MPN), if you do not know the MPN please see your users manual or contact your pool/spa maker.
Contacting us is always a good way to find what you need.

If you have Horizon Part #'s and can cannot find what you need, please contact us. If you would like to use the cross reference chart found here visit that page and follow the instructions. 

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Pump Union: 2" Slip W/ Tailpc/Oring
Price: $9.95
Pump Union: 2" Slip W/ Tailpc/Oring
Pump Union: 2" Slip W/ Tailpc/Oring

A few spa makers have proprietary parts, CalSpa, Dynasty are two of the most common makers whose replacement parts are only available through the dealer.

If a P/N has SD in front of the # it would be a Sundance Spa Part, drop the SD when looking for a part. The same applies for parts with WW, they are Waterway parts.  

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