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Thank you for visiting our Part-Match Page.

An image is worth a thousand words! Pictures are very helpful for us when it comes to finding the parts you need. The pool and spa industry does use some odd terms & talking over the telephone might not always lead us to the correct part.

Why use this service?
1. You do not know the name for the part.
2. There is no part number on the part.

If you use an email service like Microsoft Outlook email us HERE
If not please send your email to parts [@] spapartsshop [.] com (To help stop spam bots from obtaining our email address we've add spaces and brackets, please remove them before you send)

-If a part number is nowhere to be found, the best option is to email us a picture of it.

-Often, we can correctly identify your part from a corresponding part number.

-If This is the case take a picture of the part you need, and also the part that it connects to. 


Helpful Hints when sending pictures:


-Take a picture of the part on solid background- a piece of paper works perfectly.  This way you can write any part numbers and additional information right on the paper and snap a photo.

-Take a few shots from different angles and also a picture of where the part is attached on your spa/tub. This allows us to fully understand what it is you’re looking for- we want to see what you see!

-See the example below


 Jet Face Parts Match
Filter Multivalve with measurements.JPG

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