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Thank you for looking into our repair options.  
Spa Parts Shop offers the following...

  • We repair/recondition all major brands of spa packs and components.
  • In-house repairs of non-warrantied components, including circuit boards.
  • Complete pool and spa motor rebuilding services.
  • Pool and spa pump repair and reconditioning.
  • Labor rates of just $95.00 / hour.
  • Most Circuit Boards are repaired for around $150-200.
  • 90-day warranty on all labor.*
  • Industry experienced Pool and Spa Technicians on staff.
  • Turn around time typically 2-3 weeks depending on the component and season. 
  • Free Estimates**

  • Customer Pays shipping to and from repair department, whether or not a repair is performed.
    All components are tested prior to shipment back to customer,

    For more technical information regarding top side error codes & trouble shooting guides please click here

    *  If a licensed pool and spa professional does not install the repaired component, all repair warranties expressed or implied will be voided.
    ** If a visual estimate can be given, you will receive one at no charge. If a problem is not detected and bench testing is required to diagnose any problems, you will be charged a $95 testing fee.

    Please fill out the form below:
    1- Fill out and submit directly from the web + print a copy to be included with the part.
    2- Save and fill out form manually to fax back to us + print a copy to be included with the part.

    Interactive Repair Form - PDF  

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