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Often you will be able to figure out what is wrong with your spa by understanding error codes. Below we have listed the most common error codes, your spa manufacture may have re-branded one of these controls. 
Hi-limit codes are a safety warning the spa temperature is above acceptable limits! 

 Balboa Error Code
 Fault Description
 PD  Power Supply, Unit running on battery backup
 OH  Over Heat ~ Sensors Reading 112-118 Degrees
 FLO  Improper flow or pressure Switch Malfunction
 Cool  Water Temp 20 Degrees below set point
 ICE  Potential Frees Condition Detected
 Sn1 Hi-Limit Sensor Malfunction
 Sn3  Temperature Sensor Malfunction
 ILOC  Interlock Failure ~ Possible Pump or Ozone Spike

 Brett Digital Error Codes  Fault Description
 OH Temp Exceeds 118 Degrees 
Fr   Freeze condition - temp below 40
 FL  Pressure switch failure
 EO  Shorted temp sensor
 E1  Open temp sensor
 E2  Shorted hi-limit sensor
 E3  Open Hi-limit sensor
 E4  Shorted flow switch
 E7  Improper Electrical Connection
FC  Filter Cycle 

Hurricane Error Code
Fault Description
  Improper flow or pressure Switch Malfunction
  Shorted Sensor
  Open Sensor
  Temperature Below 60 Degrees ~ Freeze
  High Temperature warning, Above 118 Degrees

 Sundance Error Codes
 Fault Description
 Interlock Failure ~ Possible Pump or Ozone Spike 
 OH Sensor indicates water Temperature above acceptable limits 
 FLO Pressure Switch Malfunction 
 Hold   Panel buttons pressed too many times too quickly
 HOT   Circuit Board Temperature Above Acceptable limits
 ICE   Freeze condition Detected
 PnL  Communication Failure between PCB and Panel
 Sn1 Hi-limit sensor Failure
 Sn3  Temperature Sensor Failure
 -- Watch dog ~ Potential damage to Spa Equipment

Gecko Error Codes
 Fault Description
Pressure Switch Failure ~ Switch Open
Pressure Switch Failure ~ Switch Closed
 Temperature Sensor Failure
Hi-limit sensor Failure
Over Heat ~ Water Temp at 119 Degrees
Possible Freeze condition

Lennovator Error Codes Fault Description
 FP Freeze Point 
 SP  SPA MODE< not an error
 PO  POOL MODE< not an error
 NC  No Communication with Master Control Unit
 --  Data being sent to MCU
 OP  Temp Sensor Failure - Open
SH  Temperature Sensor Failure - Shorted
 OH WARNING - Water Temp over 120 Degrees 
IP Insufficient Power
"Temperature" Set Point & Actual Water Temp
"Temperature" Flashing WARNING - Water Temp High (109-120F)

Spa Builders LX 10/15  Fault Description
 Sn1 / 01 Nonfunctional/open high temp sensor - Heater deactivated 
 Sn2 / 02 Nonfunctional/open temp sensor - Heater deactivated .
FL1 / 03 Pressure switch not closing when pump is running and heater is trying to heat. Heater is also deactivated. 
 FL2 / 04 Pressure switch closed when pump is off.              
 COL / 05 Cool Water Condition, Temp falls 20 degrees below set temp.
ICE  Freeze condition, pump and heater activate at 55 degrees.
OH Water Temp Above 110 degrees.
---  Watchdog water temp above normal limits (above 118) potential system failure.  

Gecko Error Codes (new style)/ Hydro-Quip Error Codes
32 Degrees ~ Temp Sensor not detected.
112 Degrees Flashing ~ Water too hot, let cool down & system will reset itself to 109 Degrees. 
3 Flashing dots (display) ~ Water flow problem check for closed valves, dirty filters, water level, pump/wet end operation/defective pressure switch. 
Flashing dots & Lit light on display ~ Hi-limit trip, reset power to clear.
Temp reads correct water temp ~ Good; if incorrect replace sensor.
Inverted Display ~ Press Filter key for 5 seconds (certain Models)
Pump Starts randomly for 1 Minute & Filter indicator Flashing ~ Smart Winter Mode nor and error but a feature of Freeze protection. 
Filter Cycle has stopped & "Filter" indicator is Flashing not an error but a feature: either the filter cycle is in a 40min  minute time-out to avoid ozonater activation while spa is being used or the system has canceled a filter cycle after 3 hours because water temp exceeds set point by more that 2 degrees. 
"Heater" indicator Flashes when pump is on high speed. Not an error but a feature. The system is turning off the heater when pump is on high speed to limit amperage draw (Jumper set to "LC" mode)
To change the temp read out between Fahrenheit or Celsius. Hold light button for 5 seconds. 

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