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What is the GPM for my jet?

You need to know what kind of jet you have to determine the flow rate. This is the GPM for the following jets:

  • Massage – 10 GPM
  • Adjustable Deluxe – 10 GPM
  • Pulsator Deluxe – 10 GPM

  • Roto Deluxe – 10 GPM
  • Handheld Jet – 10 GPM
  • Whirlpool – 38 GPM
  • Monster 
    • 5/16 orifice – 10 GPM
    • 3/8 orifice – 13 GPM
    • 7/16 orifice – 17 GPM
    • ½ orifice – 22 GPM
  • Swim Jet

    • 5/8 orifice – 25-30 GPM
    • 1″ 5/8 orifice – 110 GPM
  • Old Faithful
    • .925 orifice – 80-100 GPM
    • 1.5 orifice – 120-175 GPM

  • Storm Jet – Adjustable Pulsator – 12 GPM
  • Storm Jet – Adjustable Roto – 12 GPM

How far back should the nozzle be?

No more than 4" away from wall. No less than 2 ½" away from wall (extension kits are available from Waterway).

What do I do if water backs up into the blower or no air comes out of the jets?

Check the HP of the motor for GPM. Determine how many jets are in the spa. You should have 10-12 GPM per jet.

Check retainer ring for the following:

  1. Retainer ring does not have Teflon tape around thread or not enough.
  2. Retainer ring is not threaded in all the way. You may need to extend length with 1" coupler.
  3. Retainer ring and 1" pipe is not glued in a

    ll the way so that it is flush with the wall.
  4. If you have a monster jet you must have the proper nozzle in jet.

Why do eyeballs differ in size?

The eyeballs differ in size to produce various pressures. The ¾" eyeball will produce more pressure from the nozzle than the 1" eyeball; however, it does not move as much water. The larger the opening, the more water will flow. Note: The smaller the eyeball the harder the pump will have to work and the harder the pump has to work, the shorter its life.

Special order Jets

We can special order Waterway Jets in other designs like these [below] in 10-14 days. Call for pricing.

The information above was supplied by Waterway Plastics Inc.

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