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As more two and variable speed pumps are installed in the field, filtering problems have been identified around a lack of surface agitation that results when users attempt to take advantage of the energy efficient low speed settings.

The iBall Velocity – the first self-regulating variable orifice return eyeball ever produced corrects this. The intelligent, innovative design of the iBall Velocity maintains functionality of the pool return at low pump speeds by adjusting orifice size for optimal flow velocity. This in turn maximizes system efficiency through improved agitation and circulation at these lower speeds, allowing the pool owner to take full advantage of the cost savings potential (please see graph on bottom of page for potential savings).

  • Patent pending self-regulating variable orifice design
  • Improved agitation quality which will help debris be pushed more effectively towards the skimmers creating a healthier pool environment
  • The iBall achieves proper flow velocity which creates proper surface agitation and circulation at lower pump speeds.
  • Automatically opens up to full orifice size when pump is at full speed
  • Creates an overall efficient pool system, allowing the pool owner to spend less time on maintenance
  • Self-adjusts to maintain return velocity as filter becomes clogged with particulate matter
  • Also delivers efficient operation for existing single speed pumps
  • Eliminates buying different size returns for different pump speeds
  • Eliminates the manual process of changing return sizes
  • Universal for all plumbing, no special installation required
  • Carefully engineered yet simple and elegant one piece design will last for years
  • The iBall Velocity’s soft silicone valve design is safe for little fingers

Save on both Energy & Pool Maintenance Costs.
By keeping your pump at a lower speed setting, Potential Savings are HUGE

Multi-Speed Pump Cost Savings:

Savings on Chemical Expense will also be achieved; lower pump speed improves filtration and improved agitation can also lead to better filtration.
These two factors can dramatically cut pool chemical costs.

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