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Raypak 55A (5/1/87-9/30/89) & 55B (10/1/89-pres) Heaters

Burner Tray

Key Description MPN Part #
1b Burner Tray, Raypak Model 55A, w/Burner, Sea Level 004688F 47-197-1201
2b Burner Assy, Raypak 53/53A/53B/55A/105A/105B/151/153/155A 301210 47-197-1200
2b Burner Assy, Raypak 53A/53B/55A 305952F Discontinued
3b Burner Orifice, Raypak 53A/55A, Nat. 350844F Discontinued
3b Burner Orifice, Raypak 53A/55A, LP 350851F Discontinued
3b Burner Orifice, Raypak Model 53A/55A, Nat., Sea Level 350081 47-197-1350
3b Burner Orifice, Raypak Model 53A/55A, LP, Sea Level 350086 47-197-1352


Key Description MPN Part #
1c Thermostat, Raypak 53/53A/55A, Auto Reset 13-B 600889B 47-197-1206
2c Thermostat, Raypak 53/53A/55A, Auto Reset 14-B 600890B 47-197-1208
3c Thermostat, Raypak 53A/55A 003346F 47-197-1276
4c PCB, Raypak 55A/105A/155A/185A, IID 005086B 47-197-1356
4c PCB, Raypak 55A/155A/185A, MV 005089B 47-197-1358
5c Thermostat, Raypak 55A/155A/185A, MV 005391F 47-197-1364
5c Thermostat Kit, Raypak 55A/185A, IID 005390F 47-197-1610
6c Potentiometer, Raypak 55A/105A/155A/185A 005087B 47-197-1360
7c Sensor, Temperature, Raypak 55A/105A/155A/185A 005088B 47-197-1362

Gas Valve

Key Description MPN Part #
1g Gas Valve, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153, Nat., MV 003898F 47-197-1210
1g Gas Valve, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153, LP., MV 003899F 47-197-1212
1g Gas Valve, Raypak 53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153/155A, Nat., IID 003900F 47-197-1278
1g Gas Valve, Raypak 55A/105A/105B/155A/185A/R185/185, LP, IID 004306F 47-197-1368

Heat Exchanger

Key Description MPN Part #
1h Heat Exchanger, Raypak 55B 004694F 47-197-1831
2h Header Tube, Raypak 55B 004695F 47-197-1370
3h Baffle, Raypak 55A 004715F 47-197-1374
4h Unitherm Governor, Raypak 53/53A/55A 600885 47-197-1216
5h Unitherm Governor Sleeve, Raypak 53/53A/55A 400734 47-197-1218
6h Spring Retainer Clip, Raypak 53/53A/55A 850247 47-197-1220
7h Drain Valve, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153/155A/183A 500719 47-197-1232
8h Bulb Well, Raypak 53/53A/55A/151/153/155A/183A 007211F 47-197-1222
10h Flange, Raypak 53/53A/55A/153/155A/183A/185, In/Out 002432F 47-197-1224
11h Flange Gasket, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A/183A 800013B 47-197-1226
12h Baffle Bypass, Raypak Model 55A 306079 47-197-1378
13h Heat Exchanger, Raypak Model 183/183A/185, Copper 002456F 47-197-1235
  Sensor Clip, Raypak ELS/53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153/155A/183A 300203 47-197-1018
  Unitherm Governor Gasket, Raypak 55A 800276 47-197-1376

Miscellaneous Components

Key Description MPN Part #
1m Pressure Switch 3925,25A, Tecmark, Universal, SPNO, w/Brass 3029P 47-319-1201
2m Pressure Switch Tube, Raypak 53B/55A 003543F 47-197-1288
3m Thermostat Knob, Raypak 53/ELS/53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153 006885F 47-197-1030
4m Knob Stop, Raypak ELS/53A/55A/105A/105B/153/155A/183A/185A 006886F 47-197-1032
5m Dial Plate, Raypak 55A 900741 47-197-1298
5m Dial Plate, Raypak 55A 900742 47-197-1300
6m Transformer, Raypak 53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153/155A/185A 005345F 47-197-1302
6m Transformer, Raypak 55A/R185/185/207A/206A/R185A, 115v/230v 006736F 47-197-1768
7m Toggle Switch, Raypak 53A/55A/105A, 3A/6A, SPST 650595 47-197-1304
  Wire Harness, Raypak 55A, MV 004010F 47-197-1380
  Wire Harness, Raypak 55A, IID 004011F 47-197-1382
  Thermal Cut-Off Fuse Kit, Raypak 55A/105A/155A, 130 degree 005899F 47-197-1384
  Thermal Cut-Off Fuse Kit, Raypak 55A/105B, 190 degree 008126F 47-197-1385


Key Description MPN Part #
1p Pilot, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A/183A, Nat., MV 600525B 47-197-1242
1p Pilot, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A/183A, LP, MV 600575B 47-197-1244
3p Pilot, Raypak 53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A, Nat./LP,After 06/00 002003F 47-197-1306
5p Orifice, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A, Nat., MV 003901F 47-197-1246
5p Orifice, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A, LP, MV 003902F 47-197-1248
7p Pilot Orifice, Raypak 53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A/183A, IID 003903F 47-197-1308
7p Pilot Orifice, Raypak 55A/105A/155A/185A/R185/185/206A, IID 004308F 47-197-1386
9p Thermocouple, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A, MV 600019B 47-197-1250
11p Ignition Control, Raypak 53A/55A/105A/151/153, w/o Lock 004817B 47-197-1388
11p Ignition Control, Raypak 55A/105A/155A/185A/R185, w/Lock 004818B 47-197-1390
12p Pilot Mounting Bracket, Raypak 53A/53B 305969F Discontinued
12p Pilot Tube Assy, Raypak 53A/55A/105A/155A/185A/R185/185 004078F 47-197-1318
12p Pilot Bracket, Raypak 55A, MV 004716F 47-197-1394
12p Pilot Bracket, Raypak 55A, IID 004717F 47-197-1398
13p Pilot Tube Assy, Raypak 53A/55A/105A/155A/185A/R185/185 004078F 47-197-1318
15p High Tension Wire, Raypak 53A/55A/105A/155A/183A/185A/R185 002654B 47-197-1400
15p Igniter Assy, Raypak 55A/155A/R185/185, IID, High Tension 007864F 47-197-1564


Key Description MPN Part #
1r Stack Adapter, Raypak 266A/267A 010331F 47-197-1237

Sheet Metal

Key Description MPN Part #
1s Jacket Top, Raypak 55A 002525F 47-197-1257
2s Flue Collector, Raypak 55A 002530F 47-197-1267
3s Door Assy, Raypak 55B 004689F 47-197-1264
4s Upper Panel Jacket, Raypak 55A 003791F 47-197-1265
5s Wiring Box, Raypak 55A 306094 47-197-1266
  Thermostat Lock Box, Raypak 55A/130A 6492 47-197-1139


Key Description MPN Part #
2v Indoor Drafthood, Raypak 55 003722 47-197-1309

Gas Conversions*

Key Description MPN Part #
  Conversion Kit, Raypak 55A/55B, Nat. to LP 004696B 47-197-1268
  Conversion Kit, Raypak 55A/55B, LP to Nat. 004697B 47-197-1269
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Dial Plate, Raypak 55A
Price: $30.53
Dial Plate, Raypak 55A
Dial Plate, Raypak 55A
Flange Gasket, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A/183A
Price: $6.68
Flange Gasket, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A/183A
Flange Gasket, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A/183A
Heat Exchanger, Raypak Model 183/183A/185, Copper
Price: $118.30
Heat Exchanger, Raypak Model 183/183A/185, Copper
Heat Exchanger, Raypak Model 183/183A/185, Copper

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