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How To Identify Gecko Spa Control Pack options and codes

Model Type Pump 1 Pump 2 Blower Ozone Circ. Pump Light No Error Heater Other Connector Custom
-1 (2 Outputs) -P11X (1 Speed) -P211 (1 Speed 120V) -B1 (120V) -O1 (120V) -CP1 -LS -NW (No Error) -H1.0 (1KW) -RL (Red Low Speed -JJM
-MP (3 Outputs) -P12X (2 Speed) -P212 (2Speed 12240V) -B2 (240V) -O2 (240V) -CP2 -H2.0 (12KW) -L1 (120V Only) -AMP
-P1X1 (120V) -H3.6 (3.6KW) -T2 (240V Transformer)
-P1X2 (240V) -H5.5 (5.5KW) -FB1 (Fiber Optic Box Connector, 120V)
-HP (JJ Plug) -NW (No Cables/Probes when sold)
-LCD (I/O)
-TSC (Control on Aux I/O)
-CE (European Model)

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