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Spider gasket replacement for Multiport Backwash Valves

1. Stop pump and release all pressure from system.
2. Place the selector handle at the "winterize" position ( this lifts the plug off the seat).
3. Remove the bolts and nuts holding the cover to the valve body. Remove the cover assembly.
4. Remove the old gasket from the valve body.
5. Make sure that the gasket groove is free of water, grease, oils, debris and parts of the old gasket. Use alcohol to degrease.
6. NOTICE: Once this step is started, continue through Step 10 without interruption. Using Loctite® 401, 403 and 416 apply glue sparingly (a bead about 1/16" wide) to the bottom only (not the sides) of the spider groove in the valve body. The glue lines must be continuous and intersect at the intersections of the grooves.
7. Insert the new gasket into the groove with the rounded bead up. Press the gasket firmly into all groove areas to seat the new gasket evenly.
8. Align the tab on the cover assembly with pin on the valve body, fastening it with the bolts and nuts removed in Step 3. Tighten all bolts evenly.
9. Depress the valve handle and rotate it to the closest standard position (FILTER or RINSE), being careful not to rub the plug on the new gasket. Release the handle, allowing the plug to hold the gasket in place while curing.
10. Minimum cure time is 2 hours. Curing for 24 hours is recommended for full strength.

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