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The ozone generator should prevent the need for any hard chemicals (additional costs) over the life of the pool. If you did add chemicals they would be in the form of either Chlorine or Bromine granules, and the water test strips to keep the water in check are fairly inexpensive luckily. But when the pool drains they will drain with them, so money down the drain. Additionally the odor of the chlorine could be a factor for some people and your church. Ozone is essentially odorless.


Here is more information that you would ever really need to know about ozone and an ozone generator.

Scumbags: These are the good ones! Zorbies or floating Bobs aid in the removal of oils from spa water. These products remove most oils floating on the surface before they get pumped through the filter.  When using one of these you will notice the scum line which forms at the water level begin to disappear. Always remember to squeeze out the product after each time the tub is used. (for best results do not squeeze the product back into the spa).

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