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An average sized energy efficient hot tub consumes 5-7 kWh per day, while a poorly insulated, inefficient hot tub may use 12-18 kWh per day. The U. S. average cost of a kWh is $8.62, over the next few months we will address options for saving energy!

Efficiency tips:

  1. We recommend Foam insulation for your tub, most new spas are heavily insulated with foam! You can do the same thing with ease and if you needed to we offer a basic spa foam kit here.
  2. Add a floating blanket: Adding a 1/4" closed-cell foam, floating blanket under the hard cover can increase the total R-value to 16. The energy-efficient floating thermal blanket will help retain heat and reduce the amount of moisture building up on the inside of your hard cover, extending its life!

A spa’s life expectancy is approximately ten years! A little care & preventative maintenance can extend your Spa's life well beyond that!
Water care tips:
  1. Ozone generators: All high end spa's have an ozonator. If your spa does not have an ozonator you should consider installing one! An ozonator is a sanitation device using ozone gas to sanitize the water on a constant basis which reduces the amount chemicals needed (additional costs) over the life of the spa!
  2. Scumbags: These are the good ones! Zorbies or floating Bobs aid in the removal of oils from spa water. These products remove most oils floating on the surface before they get pumped through the filter.  When using one of these you will notice the scum line which forms at the water level begin to disappear. Always remember to squeeze out the product after each time the tub is used. (for best results do not squeeze the product back into the spa).

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