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Pool and Inground Spa Drain Cover Recall Information

Detailed information about the recall can be found at the Drain Cover Recall website at or For a quick facts, please see below:
  • This is a limited recall. The majority of inground pools and inground spas are not affected by this recall.
  • If your inground pool or inground spa was installed before December 2008, it is NOT affected by the recall.
  • If your inground pool or spa was installed after December 2008, you can find out if your drain cover is included in the recall by going to the website or our website If you have further questions, we have a hotline at 866-478-3521.
  • There are approximately 6.2 million pools (approximately 5.8 million residential inground pools and approximately 300,000 public pool facilities). Combined, they represent less than 5 percent of the drain covers being recalled.
    • One million drain covers are included in this recall. A large portion of the 1 million drain covers were still in distribution and had not been installed.
    • Many of the affected drain covers that have been installed are in approximately 350,000 pools and spas that have multiple main drain systems which are exempt from the recall.
  • Some wading/kiddie pools, inground spas and single drain pools are where replacement or retrofit is required.
  • The number of public pools (mostly wading/kiddie pools and inground spas) that are affected are well below 100,000.
  • No channel or unblockable drains were recalled, and most smaller models were not affected.
  • NEVER remove the drain cover yourself. If your drain cover is subject to the recall, call a pool professional and you will be reimbursed for reasonable and verified costs of replacement or retrofit when installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Drain covers installed in public pools, in an effort to be compliant with the VGB prior to the December 19, 2008 effective date, are included in the recall provided that the drain cover is one of the models which has been recalled, and the pool type or configuration falls within the scope of the recall (a wading/kiddie pool, in-ground spa, or single drain pool that does not have a gravity drainage system).
All manufacturers involved have set up their own hotline to accommodate questions, returns, and exchanges and also have information posted on their websites, listed below:

A&A 800-851-8492
AquaStar 877-726-3671
Color Match 877-635-4120
Custom Molded Products 800-733-9060
Hayward 888-407-9281
Pentair 888-711-7495
Rising Dragon 423-351-9379

Affected covers are being removed from Spa Parts Shops inventory and suggested alternates listed where applicable.

Please be advised that Spa Parts Shop will NOT be facilitating replacements. You must contact the manufacturer directly at the hotline number listed above.

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